For some, philanthropy is more than an interest. It’s an essential part of who they are. For those donors with a profound commitment to charitable giving – and significant resources to dedicate – we have established The Family Office of Philanthropy.

A modern alternative to a private foundation.

The Family Office of Philanthropy is tailor-made philanthropy. We provide customized, comprehensive services that enable donors to achieve a substantive impact through their philanthropy. Our Family Office of Philanthropy can partner with you to develop a philanthropic strategy that simplifies giving while offering a multitude of benefits customized to your needs. 

Choose from two different levels of support:

Virtuoso: an effective, streamlined, turnkey solution for funds of $5 million or greater to help you reach your impact goals

Bespoke: the next level in tailor-made philanthropy for those with significant assets to drive even greater impact

With Virtuoso and Bespoke, you’ll have access to these benefits:

  • Customized, comprehensive philanthropic advice. In-depth research, access to local, national, and global nonprofit leaders, multi-generational family convenings, private site visits, and more.
  • Access to exclusive curricula and offerings. Includes our Venture Impact Program for impact investing of the fund’s assets, and The Lens, an equity framework adding an increased level of intention.
  • Grantmaking support. A team to take care of all the administrative details, such as garnering and reviewing proposals, structuring grants, ensuring IRS compliance, and issuing payments.
  • Family involvement. A strategic, thoughtful, and formalized approach to family philanthropy. Virtuoso donors who establish multiple funds for children or other family members are charged an aggregated fee based on total family fund balances, thereby avoiding a fee for each individual fund.
  • Global reach. Complimentary international grantmaking and access to philanthropic travel and knowledge on global issues and organizations.
  • Investment options. Partner with your family office or wealth advisor to design your investment strategy, or ask MCF’s professional Investment Committee to invest the assets on your behalf.
  • Complex assets. Leverage a number of assets in order to open your fund or add to it in the future. Virtually any asset can be accepted, including securities, business interests, cryptocurrencies, personal property, real estate, and the transfer of a private foundation’s assets.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Set-up fees and annual administrative fees are significantly lower than those associated with a private foundation.
  • Tax-efficiency. Gifts qualify for maximum tax benefits, including full deductions for contributions of real estate and closely held stock. There is no excise tax on investment income.
  • Private label branding. Upon request, MCF’s marketing team can provide support in branding your fund.
  • A fully dedicated team. We’ll work with you to build an advisory team of experts that is 100% dedicated to you and the impact you want to make. Everything will be tailored to your specific needs and requirements. [Available to Bespoke clients]

The Family Office of Philanthropy

A modern alternative to a private foundation

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For information about opening a fund, please contact

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Andrea Henderson

VP, Philanthropic Planning

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