Community Engagement + Grantmaking

How can we solve the challenges in our world that seem so unsolvable? A simple answer: by coming together as a community.

There is so much more that connects us than separates us. When one of us succeeds, we all do. This is the path forward. Through community, deep engagement, and the shared values and beliefs that drive us collectively, we can achieve our vision of true equity.

From community meetings to policy reforms, from grantmaking to serving as a community convener, MCF brings together diverse interests around a set of common goals. We work collaboratively with our community partners to co-design solutions that not only strengthen the community of Marin, but also serve as the spark that enacts change regionally, nationally, and globally.

Pursuing Bold Solutions

The challenges and opportunities of our time require us to set a bold new direction. And, we believe that the solutions that are raised up and cultivated here in Marin County can catalyze similar change and transformation well beyond our geographic borders.

As part of MCF's most recent strategic planning process, we are doubling down on two escalating crises in Marin and the Bay Area that community partners, community members, and donors have consistently highlighted as acute challenges where a convener like MCF can create on-the-ground progress — the climate crisis, and affordable housing and homelessness.

Along with these challenges, we see the ever-present and critical need to support organizations and collaborations that form the fabric of our communities, ensuring that community members' essential needs are met while advancing policies and systems changes that can ensure strong, equitable, and thriving communities for all.

Grantmaking through the Buck Family Fund

There are many people in our county who face pressing and complex challenges in their lives. The Buck Family Fund supports programs offered by local nonprofits, religious organizations, and schools that are aligned with MCF's goals and strategies and that specifically benefit the residents of Marin County (unlike grants from the Foundation's donor-advised funds, which support efforts both locally and in communities around the world). We fund nonprofits based in Marin as well as ones based outside of the county when we feel they can bring high-quality programs and services into Marin.

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