Defending Philanthropy

A sure sign of the oddity of our times is that generosity needs defending.

I feel honored to be in a position to do so. While one-off exceptions can grab the headlines, it’s thousands of acts of quiet generosity that are the real stories. In that spirit, I’m pleased to share this Opinion article that appeared in a recent Sunday edition of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Buoyed by the kindness of MCF donors, I’ll continue to take this defense wherever it needs to be, including Sacramento and Washington, D.C.

Dr. Tom Peters, President & CEO

At A Glance

About the Marin Community Foundation

1 Established in 1987

2 Distributes more than $80 million in grants annually

3 Distribution trustee for the Buck Family Fund

4 Makes grants to charitable organizations locally, nationally and internationally

5 10th largest community foundation in the country

6 Partners with over 400 individuals & families in their giving

7 Oversees more than $2 billion in philanthropic assets

8 Has granted more than $1.5 billion over the past 30 years

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Yellow Star


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