In 2018 MCF embarked on a project to learn more about the lives of low-income Moms in Marin who were on a path to self-sufficiency - but weren’t there yet. The Moms helped us better understand their lives, the challenges they face and their ambitions for the future. They also provided us with input as to how their lives could be improved, through finances, employment, education, self-care, child care and more.

The Pilot

The results of this research led to the development of MOMentum - a countywide pilot that posed the question: “What happens when Moms are given a little more?” It provided 125 Marin moms of color under the age of 18 with $1,000 income per month over a two-year period. There were no requirements as to how the Moms should spend this money. The hope was that, at the end of the pilot, they would feel that their lives improved and that they are on the road to financial independence and emotional well-being.

Beyond financial support, the initiative offered optional programs such as financial education workshops, fostering economic and financial literacy. Additionally, childcare subsidies through the Marin Child Care Council were made accessible.

The Impact

The MOMentum initiative illustrated the power of guaranteed income to help moms and families thrive. It highlights the tangible benefits of a guaranteed income model, showcasing its effectiveness in mitigating income disparities and providing crucial financial stability for marginalized communities. At the state and local levels, MOMentum's success underscores the importance of tailored approaches, offering valuable lessons for crafting policies that resonate with the unique challenges faced by communities and families.

You can find a full evaluation report, along with slides and recordings from the evaluation webinars we held, further below.

To learn more about the pilot, visit

Six months into the pilot, we asked Moms about their experience. You can read their responses in this two-pager in English and this two-pager in Spanish.

MOMentum Final Evaluation Report

Developed by MCF’s external evaluation consultant, Social Policy Research Associates and finalized in February 2024.

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MOMentum English webinar slides

From our webinar on January 24, 2024 sharing the final evaluation results.

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Listen to a recording of the January 24, 2024 MOMentum webinar (English).

MOMentum Spanish webinar slides

From our webinar on January 17, 2024 sharing the final evaluation results.

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Listen to a recording of the January 17, 2024 MOMentum webinar (Spanish).

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