Climate Justice Initiative

Climate change is harming people around the world, including here in Marin and the San Francisco Bay Area. While the impact of climate change is felt by people from all walks of life, it is particularly harmful to communities that have been underserved and under-resourced, exacerbating vulnerabilities and systemic factors that have long hindered communities from thriving. Those who have had the least responsibility for causing climate change are feeling the worst effects and face the most daunting health, economic, and environmental impacts.

Climate justice focuses on considering the needs of everyone in our community and addressing inequities head-on. By supporting the leadership and input of those in our community who have been historically left out of the conversation and directing resources toward community-driven climate projects and priorities, we are collectively advancing solutions that are equitable and that safeguard the health and vitality of everyone.

Climate Justice

MCF Strategic Plan

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Call for Proposals

Learn about our current request for proposals for the Climate Justice Initiative Spring 2024 Cycle.

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For questions regarding this initiative, please contact

Patti D’Angelo Juachon

Director for the Environment

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