When Gender Matters

Do you believe women and girls deserve fair treatment and opportunity?

Do you believe that empowering women and girls can influence positive community change?

Do you want to start addressing the inequities and barriers that women and girls face in regard to their success and well-being?

The Lens is your answer. It is a new program at MCF designed to examine gender gaps and address gender disparities and then apply the learnings to your charitable giving and impact investing.

THE LENS puts it all in focus.

THE LENS program has 3 pillars, providing MCF donors with the opportunity to engage through giving, investing, and connecting.

Giving: MCF’s proprietary tool enables donors to incorporate a gender lens framework in their grantmaking. With support from their philanthropic advisor, MCF donors will be able to examine nonprofits in a new way — assessing programs, policies, organizational cultures, leadership roles and more — to uncover gender disparities and specific outcomes for women.

Investing: Through MCF’s Venture Impact Program (VIP), donors can invest in private mission-driven businesses, impact funds, and nonprofit organizations to provide women with access to capital, support women entrepreneurs, and build products and services which have a positive impact on women and girls. Anywhere in the world.

Connecting: MCF will continuously curate learning opportunities, provide access to gender-focused conferences, and develop partnerships with organizations that offer regular gatherings and opportunities to connect.

The Women and Girls Index: Measuring Giving to Women and Girls' Causes

IUPUI Women's Philanthropy Institute - Lilly Family School of Philanthropy (December 2020)

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On The Margins: Economic Security for Women of Color Through the Coronavirus and Beyond

A report published by Closing the Women's Wealth Gap in April 2020

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For more information, please contact

Kryger Nelson 1000
Safia Kryger-Nelson

Director, Philanthropic Planning

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