The Benefits of Partnership

Many donors now prefer to take a holistic approach to their wealth management — one that includes philanthropy as a part of their portfolio.

But charitable giving, with its dozens of giving vehicles, complex charitable assets, and ever-changing tax codes, can be complicated. Which is why a partnership with MCF can make it easy and efficient for both you and your clients.You can extend and deepen your relationships with clients, expand your services, and connect with multiple family members and generations. Your clients will be making more informed, effective decisions about their giving. And a greater impact on the world.

You focus on your expertise; we focus on ours. That's a win-win.

You'll enjoy:

Partnership on your terms: You can consider us part of your extended team, working with you in any way you choose to help you serve your clients – at no charge. You'll always maintain the primary relationship with your clients. Tips for bringing up philanthropy: We realize that talking about philanthropy with clients isn't always easy. We can offer some tips on how and when to bring up a topic that's increasingly more important to your clients. 

Expertise: We are knowledgeable about all aspects of charitable giving, including community issues, complex gifts, estate planning, vehicles for giving, and the impact of philanthropy on tax planning, retirement, or sale of a business. 

Networking: We host exclusive events for our advisor community, leveraging industry experts to cover the latest news, innovations, and updates in the philanthropic world. 

Advisor microsite: Intersection is produced bi-weekly for our advisor community, providing a regular snapshot of the trends, news and research in the world of philanthropy and business.


Having a meeting with a client who is interested in discussing philanthropy? Here are some resources that you can have on hand that can facilitate an informed conversation. Of course, you can always contact us if the discussion becomes complex.

Compare Your Charitable Options

A quick reference document that compares the most popular options for giving.

View Resource

Virtuoso: the modern alternative to a private foundation.

The customized way of giving for those clients with a profound commitment to charitable giving – and significant resources to commit.

View Resource

Voluntary Termination of a Private Foundation

A brief outline of the process to convert a private foundation to a fund at MCF.

View Resource

For information regarding professional advisor partnerships, please contact

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Safia Kryger-Nelson

Director, Philanthropic Planning

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