Customized Philanthropic Services for Advisory Firms

You provide your clients with the highest levels of service and financial expertise. So when they raise the subject of philanthropy, you want to feel confident that you continue to provide them with that same service and expertise.

Philanthropy Inc, from MCF, is the program that will extend your organization’s services and amplify your impact with clients now, and for future generations. The service allows you to offer your clients a powerful way to manage their giving, while you maintain responsibility for assets under management.


What It Is

This service allows you to maintain focus on your core competency — wealth management — and for MCF to seamlessly handle your clients’ charitable giving strategies with a local team of advisors who have unrivaled expertise in the field of strategic philanthropy. Your valued clients will enjoy the individualized attention their giving deserves from issue area experts, and you can choose the precise level of involvement your firm prefers.


How It Works

Participation in Philanthropy Inc. requires a minimum of $5 million to direct towards charitable purposes. This can derive from a single client with $5 million, or it can be pooled among a group of clients to total $5 million.

Once a Philanthropy, Inc. account is established and the minimum threshold is met, new charitable funds may be opened for any client and for any size fund. Every client is afforded the very best in philanthropic support and receives customized time and attention from MCF staff. All charitable assets are managed by the advisory firm, while MCF focuses on helping clients efficiently and effectively manage their philanthropy.


Advisory Benefits

  • Retention of assets under management Inclusion of philanthropy in comprehensive wealth management offering
  • Enhanced client relationships
  • Access to planned giving support & vehicles
  • Endowment opportunities
  • A dedicated relationship manager at MCF
  • Access to exclusive events and networking opportunities

Client Benefits

  • Dedicated senior philanthropic advisor
  • Access to world-class philanthropic knowledge
  • Tax advantages only available to public benefit foundations
  • Sophisticated online account management
  • Access to a diverse range of charitable giving vehicles
  • Networking opportunities with a community of like-minded donors
  • A Bay Area resource that understands the local landscape

Philanthropy Inc.

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