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Modern philanthropy is dynamic, and sometimes complex. In order to create the kind of impact you want, you need access to the people, resources, and issue-area knowledge that can turn your ambitions into reality. On your terms and on your time.

Every donor's experience is unique. Some folks approach us with a desire to dive deeply into philanthropy with their family and are seeking to create a strategic plan. Some are looking to the future and are specifically interested in exploring how they can create a legacy. Others are facing a significant financial event and need to understand the taxation implications of complex gifts. Others still simply want to feel a part of a community and make a difference where they live.

Regardless the motivation, when you open a fund at MCF, we’ll take the time to understand the kind of experience you want with your giving. 

MCF’s Philanthropic Services is your team in giving. They are experts in everything you need to efficiently and effectively manage your philanthropy: onboarding and orientation; expert gifting and grantmaking assistance; full administration of your fund; access to MCF's library of community knowledge; and access to MCF's streamlined Giving Center, which provides the ability to execute grants securely, 24x7x365. You can tailor your investment strategy among one or more of six professionally managed investment pools to enable a perpetually healthy fund balance. You can also explore proprietary MCF offerings, such as the Venture Impact Program, which allows you to participate in impact investing using philanthropic dollars, and The Lens, which can apply an equity framework to your philanthropy. Or participate in MCF's thematic pooled funds.

For an additional fee, you can engage in international grantmaking, custom research or MCFs comprehensive strategic consulting services.

When you open a fund at MCF you become part of a community of more than 560 individuals and families that have committed to making their philanthropy both meaningful and easy. Our job - and commitment - is to leverage every dollar you dedicate to your giving to make outsize impact. 

The Family Office of Philanthropy is MCF’s modern alternative to a private foundation. It is designed for those with a profound commitment to charitable giving and significant resources to dedicate.

When fund sizes exceed $5 million in assets, complexity tends to increase. That can sometimes take the form of a need for greater strategic heft, via deep issue area expertise and research capabilities. Sometimes complexity lies in the sheer volume of grants being executed. The need for ongoing international due diligence to be performed. Or the desire to involve multiple generations of a family in a focused giving plan.

For these reasons and many more, The Family Office of Philanthropy provides the elevated level of service and resources these donors need to conduct their giving most effectively.

Within The Family Office of Philanthropy, you can choose between the two offerings which best suit your needs:

Virtuoso: you will enjoy the personal service of a senior philanthropic advisor, who forms the nucleus of your team. Your advisor is a seasoned expert in the field of philanthropy, partnering with you to develop the best strategic approach to achieving the impact you want. They are surrounded by an MCF team that bring research, investment, financial, communications, government affairs and other skills to bear, when you need it. Each advisor's portfolio of donors is purposefully small, so they can provide the focused attention you want.

Bespoke: our newest offering provides the ultimate a la carte approach – you brief us on your needs and we’ll design it. You want a 100% fully dedicated advisor or team? You want access to the best and brightest minds in the country in a specific issue area? Yes and yes. It’s possible with Bespoke. Philanthropy is personal, and when it’s being deployed at the highest levels, traditional models don’t always deliver. Bespoke does.

The Family Office of Philanthropy importantly offers the opportunity for you to leverage your own family office or wealth manager to manage your investment strategy - a big plus that enables you to have control over your investment strategy.

For a document that provides a comprehensive overview of the services provided within each level, please contact Andrea Henderson, Senior Director of Philanthropic Planning, at 415.464.2507 or

"My experience has exceeded my expectations. I have confidence that the people at MCF know what they are doing, believe in what they are doing, and are looking out for my best interests."

- MCF Donor
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