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A partnership with MCF can transform your giving. Modern philanthropy is dynamic. Global. Creative. In order to create the kind of impact you want, you need access to the people, resources, issue-area knowledge, and evaluation tools that can turn your ambitions into reality. On your terms and on your time.

Every donor's experience is unique. Some folks approach us with a desire to dive deeply into philanthropy with their family and are seeking a highly participatory experience. Some are looking to the future and are specifically interested in exploring how they can create a legacy. Others are facing a significant financial event and need to understand the taxation implications of complex gifts.

Regardless the motivation, when you open a fund at MCF, we’ll take the time to understand the ideal level of involvement you want in your giving. And tailor our services to your needs.

If you desire a deep level of engagement in your philanthropy, we offer:

  • A dedicated Senior Philanthropic Advisor - certified as a Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy – will be your partner. Our high ratio of advisors to donors means that you’ll get the individual attention and focused expertise your giving deserves.
  • Custom research on issues and organizations – locally or globally - provided upon request. Site visits can also be arranged, along with introductions to senior leadership at nonprofit organizations.
  • Access to exclusive philanthropic curricula. This can cover a wide variety of topics, from deepening your knowledge in specific interest areas, to developing a strategic giving plan, to embarking upon family giving, and more.
  • Complimentary international grantmaking with all due diligence handled, if you’re looking to tackle challenges beyond our boundaries.
  • Invitations to curated events and experiences with topic experts and community leaders.

These services are automatically provided to funds with a balance over $500,000. For funds with a balance under this level, these services can be accessed via an annual service fee of $3,000.

For those donors with fund balances under $500,000 - and who choose not to have a high level of involvement - we have designed a service that is streamlined and efficient. Core financial, legal, fund succession and administrative benefits are provided and philanthropic staff will always be available to offer timely gifting and grantmaking assistance. These funds will also have access to topical issue briefs and educational articles.

"My experience has exceeded my expectations. I have confidence that the people at MCF know what they are doing, believe in what they are doing, and are looking out for my best interests."

- MCF Donor
Interested in opening a fund right now?

Download our New Fund Information Sheet, complete the information, and send it to one of our philanthropic planning team (contact information below). If you have any questions with the information required, they’d be only too happy to help.


For information about opening a fund, please contact

Sweeney Linda
Linda Sweeney

Senior Director, Philanthropic Planning

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