Venture Impact Program

Seed capital for social impact.

Imagine you hear about a mission-driven company that's tackling an enormous environmental or social challenge that you care deeply about.

Imagine if you could invest early in its success.

Via philanthropy.

Imagine no more.

The Venture Impact Program from MCF enables impact investing through philanthropy. It provides the unique ability to support both non-profit and for-profit businesses that are doing social or environmental good.

It’s an exciting way to launch mission-driven entrepreneurs, accelerate impact fund managers, and fund nonprofits.

How it Works

MCF has a partnership with ImpactAssets, a market leader in impact investing. Leveraging ImpactAssets’ significant expertise, MCF is able to offer donors the ability to identify and support ventures in fields that matter to them personally. Whether locally or anywhere in the world, donors now have an opportunity to engage in impact investing by leveraging their philanthropic assets in a way that can have both a measurable impact and a possible financial return back to the donor’s fund at MCF.

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Design Your Own Portfolio

Investments can be in companies, funds, and other enterprises that aim to solve social or environmental challenges while generating a financial return. All entities must have a commitment to measuring and reporting on their financial returns as well as social or environmental impact.

VIP In Action - Donor Stories

Guy Lampard & Suzanne Badenhoop - 10,000 Degrees

Donors Guy Lampard & Suzanne Badenhoop leverage VIP to provide working capital to 10,000 Degrees.

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Mitch Cohen and Marin Sonoma Impact Ventures

Mitch Cohen and Marin Sonoma Impact Ventures use VIP to invest in Marin's future.

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For information on the Venture Impact Program, please contact

Kryger Nelson 1000
Safia Kryger-Nelson

Director, Philanthropic Planning

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