About MCF

The Marin Community Foundation was founded with one simple aspiration: to make a difference in the lives of others through thoughtful, effective philanthropy.

Our Vision

A world where every choice begins with we; where every action sustains all; where every person acts now.

Our Mission

Mobilizing the power of community and the resources of philanthropy to advance equity for people, places and the planet.

How We Fulfill Our Mission:

  • Making grants and loans to support community issues in Marin County and, through the generosity of our donors, throughout the world.

  • Encouraging individuals, families, and businesses to partner with us to fulfill their financial and charitable goals.

  • Educating the community on pressing needs and the organizations addressing them.

  • Convening people to work on community problems.

  • Encouraging greater community involvement.

Our Values

Innovation: we take risks to develop bold new ideas; we nurture curiosity and creative thinking; we adapt as we learn; we accept that not all ideas will succeed, but we celebrate those that do. ​

Equity: advancing equity is the central focus of every action we take and interaction we have as an organization. Period.​

Impact: we never forget that we exist to create change; to take action that makes progress. We do that with urgency and by seeking opportunities for leverage, partnership and power-building.​

Transparency: we have the privilege of managing significant resources. Therefore, we have the responsibility of transparency and accountability. We strive to be authentic in our relationships and direct in our communications.​

Collaboration: we work in solidarity with our community partners and donors. We build trust in our partnerships through humility and accessibility, and look to co-develop solutions that are informed by those proximate to the issues.​

Joy: we approach our work and our relationships with a positive and expansive mindset. While we recognize the work is difficult and challenging, it can also be tremendously joyful when progress is made, and lives are changed.

How MCF is Structured

As a community foundation, MCF is a grantmaking public charity that brings together the financial resources of individuals, families, and businesses to support effective nonprofits in Marin and across the world. The chart below provides a snapshot view of the structure of the organization.

Marin Community Foundation

Family & Community Funds
Donor-Advised Funds (527)
Field-of-Interest Funds (12)
Unrestricted Funds (41)
Organization Funds (88)
Scholarship Funds (16)
Designated Funds (49)
Committee Advised Funds (9)
Legacy Funds (115)
Operational Supporting Organizations
MCF Gift Fund
Alcohol Justice
Presidio Theatre
Institutional Supporting Organizations
Cerity Partners Foundation
Family Supporting Organizations
Buck Family Fund
Margaret E. Haas Fund
Peter E. Haas Jr. Family Fund
Kurland Family Foundation
Lynx Foundation
Dagmar Dolby Fund
Ray Dolby Legacy Fund
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