The Objective

Invest in job training programs that result in substantial wage and career progression for low-income adults, parents and disconnected youth.

The Issue

Despite the economic growth that Marin is experiencing, many of the job opportunities available are minimum wage service sector jobs that do not provide sufficient income or benefits to support the cost of living in Marin.

Our Approach

With the Bay Area experiencing robust economic recovery rates, there is the opportunity to develop strategic partnerships between educators and employers, which can connect low-income people with skills and training, and employers with skilled workers. We will fund training and skill-building programs that create these opportunities for wage progression for low-income adults and disconnected youth. We will also conduct research to identify the most promising sectors for job growth in and around Marin, and define potential roles MCF can take to contribute to sector-level strategies.

**Please note: MCF is no longer accepting proposals for this program.**

Current Grantees

Reports & Resources


Bridging the Racial Generation Gap Is Key to America’s Economic Future

Courtesy PolicyLink and PERE (USC Program for Environmental & Regional Equity), September 2017

View Resource

What It's Worth: Strengthening the Financial Future of Families, Communities and The Nation

Courtesy of Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco & Corporation for Enterprise Development

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For questions regarding this initiative, please contact

Clifton Zarate Barbara
Barbara Clifton Zarate

Director for Economic Opportunity

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