The Objective

Increase the disaster resilience and readiness of Marin’s safety-net providers.

The Issue

Marin has a number of safety-net providers that deliver essential services to people in need on a year-round basis. The needs range from day-to-day personal emergencies to major events that impact the whole community—including those driven by climate change. During disasters, the clients of these organizations – Marin’s most vulnerable residents – will turn to the organizations that have helped them in previous times of need. Engaging community-based organizations in emergency planning and preparedness efforts now will strengthen their resilience and enhance their ability and confidence to respond when a disaster of any kind strikes.

Our Approach

We will increase the disaster resilience and readiness of a cohort of safety-net organizations serving Marin County residents through three components: small grants; comprehensive technical assistance; and pre-approved grant agreements to be activated in the event of a declared disaster. Technical assistance will focus on strengthening each organization’s ability to continue to operate following a disaster, serving their existing clients and others who have been severely impacted. 


This initiative uses an invitation-only application process.

Current Grantees


    Environment, Disaster and Race After Katrina

    Courtesy of Manuel Pastor, Robert Bullard, James Boyce, Alice Fothergill, Rachel Morello-Frosch, and Beverly Wright

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    For questions regarding this initiative, please contact

    Patti D’Angelo Juachon

    Director for the Environment