On October 7, 2023 and October 11, 2023, a series of powerful 6.3 magnitude earthquakes hit the Herat Province of Afghanistan killing and injuring thousands of people and causing widespread destruction to homes and communities throughout the region.

We at MCF mourn the heartbreaking loss of life and livelihood that these earthquakes have caused to our brothers and sisters living in Afghanistan. We understand that the ongoing political and humanitarian crisis there will make it even harder to recover from these disasters. Afghanistan has seen funding cuts to humanitarian aid this year, and it is not immediately clear if these cuts will impact earthquake response efforts.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has identified several priority needs for the region including emergency shelter, non-food items like blankets and toothbrushes, latrines, and potable water.

Because of the complex relationship between the United States and Afghanistan, there are few organizations based in the United States that provide direct services to Afghans in need. The following organizations are a few of those that are able to provide direct services or take on the due diligence required for international grantmaking.

Organizations Providing Humanitarian Aid to Afghanistan

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