Human…..Nature | A Guy Colwell Retrospect

MCF will host the exhibition, “Human…..Nature | A Guy Colwell Retrospect,” from May 30 - September 20, 2018

The exhibition will be held at the Foundation’s offices at 5 Hamilton Landing, Suite 200, Novato, CA and can be viewed by the public between 9am-5pm, Monday-Thursday; 9am-noon on Friday.

Opening Reception: May 30, 6-8pm

“This artwork is outward looking. Confronting the world as it is and engaging in public discourse about it, are more important to me than exposing the inner self or producing lovely spots of color to decorate walls. It is artwork that looks at the human world as we find it now in the early 21st century. It is artwork that looks at the natural world as it is, threatened and threatening. And, at its crucial heart, this artwork is an exploration of not only the social reality of human beings but the relationship, or more precisely, the alienation that exists between the human and natural worlds. These pictures from the 1970’s until the present should be read as pictorial essays about the state of life from the perspective of one big primate at this moment in time.”

— Guy Colwell

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