MCF will host the exhibition, “BOND,” from January 22, 2018 - May 18, 2018

The exhibition will be held at the Foundation’s offices at 5 Hamilton Landing, Suite 200, Novato, CA and can be viewed by the public between 9am-5pm, Monday-Thursday; 9am-noon on Friday.

Opening Reception: Wed, Jan 24, 6-8pm

BOND is an exhibition that celebrates the power of two. It features three Bay Area couples, who together, represent six individual and uniquely talented artists.

The exhibition features work from each artist, alongside their partner’s, allowing the viewer to ponder the connections that exist between the two. Does one become influenced by the other’s work, either directly or subliminally? Does closeness lead to similarity or create divergence? Does the bond between them make their work stronger?

The participating artists selected for the Bond exhibit have all gained notoriety as individuals in the Bay Area art scene. Often working collaboratively or side by side, they have garnered further acclaim as creative duo’s, whose work has become synonymous with one another.

Kelly Tunstall & Ferris Plock

Kelly Tunstall’s studied portraits render stylized female figures, as well as their pets, prey, powers, and dreams. Their physical forms and their relationship with each other represent and mirror internal thought processes and turmoil. 

Ferris Plock’s work centers on the inner animalistic tendencies reflected in humans throughout the context of modern life. The prominent theme of anachronism in his work features creatures in all walks of life coming together to aid each other.

Tunstall and Plock have both shown individually, as well as collaboratively, on a national and international scale. The pair are based in San Francisco with their two sons.

Kelly Ording & Jetro Martinez

Kelly Ording creates artwork that blends organic and geometric shapes with exact lines, pairing intuitive and mathematical mark-making. In doing so, she attempts to create and find beauty in simple things. 

Jet Martinez’s paintings reinterpret the Mexican folk art of Amate paintings, which depict birds and other animals within bright botanical scenery. He was the first artist-in-residence at Facebook Headquarters.

Ording and Martinez are currently collaborating in the Print Public program at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley.  

Annie Galvin & Eric Rewitzer

Annie Galvin is inspired by San Francisco, Vogue magazine, comic books, 
Josef Frank textile designs, gardens, Mexican wrestlers, the short stories of Haruki Murakami, and her own dreams and daydreams. She doodles constantly.

Eric Rewitzer finds constant inspiration in the scale and diversity of the California culture and landscape, and will forever love the mix of natural beauty, urban grit, and human diversity on display in San Francisco.

Rewitzer and Galvin are printmakers and painters, husband and wife, and founders of 3 Fish Studios in San Francisco.

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