Sourcing Color

MCF will host the exhibition, “Sourcing Color,” from January 25, 2017 to June 9, 2017, which celebrates the unique explorations of a community of eight Bay Area artists who have encouraged and supported each other for over thirty years.

The exhibition will be held at the Foundation’s offices at 5 Hamilton Landing, Suite 200, Novato, CA and can be viewed by the public between 9am-5pm, Monday-Thursday; 9am-noon on Friday.

Opening reception: Wednesday, January 25, 2017 from 4:30-6:30pm

Sourcing Color presents a group of eight artists who began meeting regularly in the 1980’s for “Artists’ Potluck,” to share food, conversation and recent work. The gatherings reinforced their dedication to personal expression in line and color, and have led to group exhibitions in San Francisco and Marin County.

Kay Carlson paints directly on location en plein air with oils in the California colorist tradition. Her passion is to express how light transforms color. Barbara Hazard paints the people and plants she loves, playing with color and motion to suit the construction of a piece. Art Holman (1926-2015) was deeply inspired by nature. He produced large paintings in his studio, combining his observations of light with an inner sense of form. Jackie Kirk paints with a deep desire and a need to say what she knows. She has sculpted, thrown, etched, drawn and painted everything the eye can see. Patrick Maloney paints figures and patterns which emerge from inner experience, and has evolved a language related to art made by our early ancestors. Connie Smith Siegel paints directly from the forest, hills, and beaches of Marin and Sonoma County and the Eastern Sierras. She is influenced by the special condition of light in each place, in different seasons and times of day. Joan Thornton is influenced by science fiction, street art, and narrative surrealism. Her acrylic and oil paintings move between the human form and abstraction. Ayumi Kie Weissbuch’s abstract mixed media paintings express the qualities of earth, fire, water, air, and qi through texture, color, and line. She is interested in the interplay of natural forces and the felt sense of the body

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