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MCF has partnered with ImpactAssets, a market leader in impact investing, to provide a variety of High Impact Fund options. All have been selected for the opportunity to provide positive social and environmental returns, as well as the potential of financial return back to your MCF fund, to preserve and grow your philanthropic capital.

High Impact Funds allow MCF donors to support an issue area they care about via a highly diversified fund offering. You can choose from a rotating selection of professionally-managed global funds. Those funds which are currently available are presented below.

Because of our partnership with ImpactAssets, MCF donors have access to these professionally managed funds at very low minimums. The minimum amount for a High Impact Fund grant is $10,000.

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Social Impact Focus

CIM Enterprise Loan Fund

U.S. small business loans building healthy and sustainable local living economies.

Read more or download the fact sheet: CIM Enterprise Loan Fund

Enterprise Community Loan Fund

Investments in affordable housing and community revitalization for low-income communities across the U.S.

Read more or download the fact sheet: Enterprise Community Loan Fund

Grameen America

Micro-business loans that help entrepreneurial women living in poverty build businesses and enable financial mobility.

Read more or download the fact sheet: Grameen America

HOPE Enterprise Corporation

Fighting inequity in the deep South through financial inclusion and small business lending.

Read more or download the fact sheet: HOPE Enterprise Corporation


responsAbility Micro & SME Debt Fund

Empowering the developing world through financial inclusion, climate finance, and sustainable food and agriculture.

Read more or download the fact sheet: responsAbilty

Environmental Impact Focus


Investments in sustainable aquaculture companies addressing ocean and food security.

Read more or download the fact sheet: Aqua Spark

Iroquois Valley Farmland Notes

U.S. organic farmland investments protecting farmers, food supply and planet.

Read more or download the fact sheet: Iroquois Valley Farmland Notes

Blue Forest Yuba II Forest Resilience Bond

Invest in forest management projects that reduce wildfire risk and protect water resources.

Read more or download the fact sheet: Blue Forest Yuba II Forest Resilience Bond

For information on the Venture Impact Program, please contact

Kryger Nelson 1000
Safia Kryger-Nelson

Director, Philanthropic Planning


LEGAL AND PROGRAM DISCLAIMER: This is not a solicitation to buy or sell securities, nor a private placement offering pursuant to any private placement memorandum that must be issued to qualified investors. It is an informational description of charitably oriented, social purpose investment options that have been approved by ImpactAssets only for use by its donors. The minimum commitment per account per option is $10,000. There is no guarantee of any recovery of capital. The Fund Manager has not approved the information contained in this Fund profile, including the assignment of risk ratings contained herein.

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