August and September 2020 Northern California Wildfires: Relief Effort Support Opportunities

The Napa and Sonoma County Glass Fire in September, and in August, the CZU Lightning Complex Fire (San Mateo and Santa Cruz County), Hennessey Fire (Napa County), LNU Lightning Complex Fire (Solano County), SCU Lightning Complex Fire (Santa Clara, Alameda, and San Joaquin Counties) and the Woodward Fire (Marin County) have disrupted and endangered lives and livelihoods across Northern California.

To support frontline organizations assisting the communities most impacted, please review MCF’s Wildfire Relief funding list.

The California Family Farmer Emergency Fund: will direct donations to the most vulnerable farmers in crisis, including those impacting by the current wildfires across the state, including farming and farm worker communities in West Marin. This fund is housed at the Sacramento Region Community Foundation, and therefore grants should be made to this foundation, with the purpose to support this relief fund.

California Fire Foundation: will provide emotional and financial assistance to families of fallen firefighters, firefighters and the communities they protect across the state who are impacted by the wildfires. https://www.cafirefoundation.o...

The Community Foundation of Sonoma County’s Sonoma County Resilience Fund: providing financial support to the community organizations helping people in the county most impacted by disaster, including the current wildfires.

Latino Community Foundation’s NorCal Wildfire Relief Fund: will provide support to frontline community partners helping those most affected by the August 2020 wildfires.

Napa Valley Community Foundation’s 2020 Napa County Wildfire Fund: will support community organizations providing relief and recovery services to those affected by the wildfires across the Napa Valley.

Puente de la Costa Sur’s Emergency Fire Relief Fund: will provide immediate support to southern coastal communities in San Mateo County most impacted by the wildfires. Immediate support includes assistance to families at evacuation centers, providing hotel vouchers and information and supportive services. Twenty-five percent of funds raised will be distributed to partner organizations directly serving farmworkers impacted by the wildfires, including undocumented workers.

Red Cross: will provide immediate wildfire relief support to people impacted across the region, which includes providing evacuation and shelter assistance to thousands of people and connecting them with support and emergency services:

The Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s San Mateo & Santa Clara County Fire Relief Fund: will support nonprofit organizations based in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties that are working directly with individuals and families who have been harmed by the wildfire disasters. https://www.siliconvalleycf.or...

Community Foundation Santa Cruz County’s Fire Response Fund: in response to the CZU Lightning Complex Fire, is providing funding support to organizations helping meet the urgent needs of residents and communities. Grants are addressing immediate relief, supporting insurance advocacy and beginning to address the long road of recovery. 

Community Foundation’s Solano Disaster Relief Fund: is supporting partner organizations that are providing direct services and resources to communities and people impacted by the LNU Lightning Complex Fire. The fund will continue to support community organizations helping lead recovery and rebuilding efforts.

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