Pirkle Jones Fund Selects Marin’s Isis Hockenos as the Eighth Recipient of the Visual Artist Support Program Grant

Jul 10, 2018


Novato (June 25, 2018) The Pirkle Jones Fund (PJF), established to honor Marin photographer Pirkle Jones who died in 2009, has named Isis Hockenos, a resident of Marshall, as the eighth recipient of a grant from its Visual Artist Support Program. The program supports promising emerging and mid-career artists living in Marin County, California. The artist will receive a grant of $25,000.

The PJF Visual Arts Support Program grant aims to recognize, encourage, and nurture artistic imagination and drive, commitment to the creative process, aesthetic standards, and artistic potential.

“Receiving the Pirkle Jones Grant is such an immense honor and affirmation,” said Hockenos. “It will allow me to focus on the evolution of my work, explore new media and to continue the intimate artistic involvement with my West Marin community that is so meaningful to me.”

“The legacy left by Pirkle Jones truly fosters community within the arts and demonstrates the huge reciprocal effect one person can have when passion and urgency merge,” she continued. “Facilitating a positive environment for growth amongst my community is to me one of the surest paths to my own sense of success. As artists we have the power to manifest the world in which we’d like to live and work and to shirk this privilege is an incredible waste. Through the grant, Pirkle is posthumously continuing to build a better world and is allowing me to do the same.

Hockenos’ work has been exhibited in the Bay Area at Gallery Route One, Gravel & Gold, The Midway Gallery, Gallery One, and the Falkirk Cultural Center and one of her murals is featured on the walls of Side Street Kitchen in Point Reyes Station.


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