Dr. Thomas Peters Announces Retirement

Jun 11, 2020

An impending change of leadership at the Marin Community Foundation (MCF) was announced today by MCF Board of Directors Chairman Mark Buell.

“In a call this morning with the full board our longstanding president and CEO Dr. Thomas Peters let us know of his upcoming plans for retirement,” Buell said. “After more than 22 years at the helm, Dr. Peters has established MCF as one of the country’s top foundations, not only in assets and grants, but as a true center for community philanthropy and advocacy.”

Buell indicated that on the call the directors were uniform in their deep appreciation of Dr. Peters and his leadership. “We have long admired him, as have many others,” Buell said, “as a fierce champion for social justice and community equity. He infused the heart and skills of his many years as a public health official directly into the expanded work of philanthropy.”

“Over the years, Tom has forged deep and trusting relationships with the donors that the foundation serves, as well as with the nonprofit organizations, professional advisors, schools and agencies with which it partners,” continued Buell. “He’s overseen the distribution of more than $2 billion in grants locally, regionally and beyond, in support of initiatives in education, health, community development, environment, the arts and much more. Frankly, it’s going to be quite difficult to replace him.”

Buell announced that he will be leading a special board committee to focus on the quest for a replacement, and that a search firm will be selected shortly. “This will be a comprehensive national process,” Buell said, “and Dr. Peters has accepted the board’s request that he remain in his current position until the selection process is complete.”

In a statement to his staff, Peters wrote “I have considerable awe and respect for the continuous waves of nature’s seasons. It’s been the honor of a lifetime to serve the foundation and its mission. During this last phase of my tenure I commit to reciprocating that honor to the fullest, and to facilitating the steady passage into a new season.”

Buell indicated that additional details about the search firm and process will be provided shortly.

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