Announcing the Community Foundation Climate Collaborative

May 18, 2023

In order to accelerate climate justice initiatives throughout the country, leaders from four community foundations — The Marin Community Foundation, the New York Community Trust, The Pittsburgh Foundation, and the Denver Foundation — have established the Community Foundation Climate Collaborative.

Community Foundation Climate Collaborative - Partners

As community foundations, we have deep experience in grappling with the reality of what climate change looks like on the ground. Historically, we are the ones called upon to respond in the wake of local tragedies, pulling resources together urgently and rapidly following both natural and man-made disasters.

We want to move from necessary partners in disaster and recovery after the fact, to critical partners in how to avoid both the most extreme impacts and to cultivate true resilience in communities across the country.

Despite being some of the oldest philanthropic institutions in the country, community foundations are some of the least leveraged for local impact — we have not yet been tapped to assist in the systematic distribution of national resources that are increasingly focused on supporting the very communities that we serve. We are establishing this collaborative to help ensure we can respond to the issue using all tools available, from dispersing micro-grants to managing major gifts to leveraging community foundations’ historical strengths of stewarding the patient philanthropy of donors...

Read the full article on The Well News, an independent news out let that highlights practical policymaking, good governance, and brings a voice to people and events that are often overlooked in the current news climate.

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