The Objective

Increase the sustainability of older adult service providers in Marin by building their business acumen to take advantage of opportunities presented by the Affordable Care Act.

The Issue

The older adult population is rapidly growing in Marin, increasing the need for older adult care and services. Providers have relied on public funding and private grants that are now strained. This has made it increasingly difficult for organizations to plan for the future, to keep pace with demand, or to take advantage of opportunities to innovate.

Our Approach

Both the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the growth in the older adult demographic provide opportunities to develop new collaborations between the healthcare sector and community-based organizations. We will seek to help build the capacity and infrastructure of critical older adult providers.

**Please note: MCF is no longer accepting proposals for this program.**

Evaluation Reports

Accelerating the Business Capacity of Aging Service Providers

Implementation: Year One Evaluation Full Report J. Solomon Consulting, LLC, April 18, 2018

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For questions regarding this initiative, please contact

Shirin Vakharia

Senior Program Director

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