The dynamic of change plays an essential role in both human and natural systems. But the accelerating pace of climate change implicates change at a scale and magnitude previously unimaginable. Despite our long history of environmental protection and conservation, Marin is quite vulnerable to both slow- and fast-onset impacts of climate change.

Sea level rise in particular is a growing concern, with the Canal area projected to be impacted by tidal flooding as early as 2030. Such impact will be felt across all income levels and geographies, but will be most disruptive for those with fewer resources to recover and adapt. But, climate change is just one of many stressors that low-income residents face in their daily lives. A healthy environment includes places where we live, work, and play--and living in unhealthy and inefficient housing can contribute to poor health, higher utility bills, and unsafe living conditions.

By increasing the resilience of both Marin’s ecosystems and communities, we can enhance the ability to withstand—and thrive—in the face of change, including the impacts of a warming climate.

Our goal? To ensure that all of Marin’s residents—particularly its most vulnerable—enjoy a healthy environment, now and in the future.

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