Economic Opportunity

Many families in Marin County do not have enough income to meet their basic needs, such as housing, food, and health care. It is particularly difficult for the working poor, who have fewer resources to meet their basic needs and to move out of poverty.

A family of four would need to earn $129,000, while an individual needs to earn $61,000 to cover these basic expenses sufficiently. Seniors also struggle to make ends meet in Marin, with thousands falling through the cracks of the public system because they have too much income to qualify for help, but not enough to get by in such an expensive county. Overall, approximately 31% of Marin residents earn less than needed to be “self-sufficient”. If you are poor in Marin, you are more likely to work two low-wage full-time jobs, live in substandard housing, and be under-insured.

Our goal? To empower all individuals and families to attain financial and personal independence.

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