Resources to learn more about the education achievement gap

Resources to learn more about the education achievement gap

EdData (Education Data Partnership): Provides fiscal, demographic, and performance data on California’s K-12 school.

EdSource: A nonprofit organization whose mission is to clarify complex education issues and to promote thoughtful policy decisions about public school improvement in California’s public schools

Education Achievement Gap in Marin: An issue brief from MCF

To download this issue brief, click on the icon to the right.

Educational Results Partnership: Provides data on every California public school and best practices for what works in high-performing schools

The Foundation for Child Development: Includes a collection of reports, research, papers, and other materials on education in pre-K through third grade

“The High Cost of High School Dropouts: What the Nation Pays for Inadequate High Schools”: A report from the Alliance for Excellent Education

Imagine Magazine, Fall 2010: A special issue of MCF’s magazine focusing on the education achievement gap in Marin.

To download this issue of Imagine, click on the icon to the right.

“The School Turnaround Field Guide”:
A report from FSG written to increase education reformers’ awareness of turnaround issues, to prompt those in the field to think about how to most effectively do turnaround work, and to encourage members of the field to work in concert with each other

State of California Department of Education: The section of its website on closing the education achievement gap supports the work of policymakers, educators, and interested community members

“A Summary of Formal Evaluations of the Academic Impact of Afterschool Programs”: A report from the Afterschool Alliance

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