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In its 2011 fiscal year, the Marin Community Foundation made over $57 million in grants to support communities locally and around the world. We are proud of our collective accomplishments and are pleased to share them with you.

2011 in Review


All information on this page was current as of June 30, 2011.

Grants Made in 2011

In the Marin Community Foundation’s 2011 fiscal year, it made $57,484,094 in grants to support a wide range of efforts in Marin County, throughout the U.S., and around the world. These grants were made from MCF's discretionary funds, supporting organizations, and Family and Community Funds

We are including two lists of grants.

The first list shows grants made under MCF’s Strategic Plan during FY11. This list is organized by the goal areas addressed through our Strategic Plan.

The second list shows all grants made from all sources at the Foundation: discretionary grants made under our Strategic Plan and grants from donor-advised funds, supporting organizations, and other Family and Community Funds. These are listed alphabetically by grantee organization. Separate lists of grants made from family and institutional supporting organizations appear at the end of this list; these grants are also included in the master list of all grants made by MCF in FY2011.

To view the list of Strategic Plan grants, click on 2011 Strategic Plan Grants to the right.

To view the master list of grants, click on 2011 Master List of Grants to the right.


New Funds Opened in 2011

In 2011, 37 new funds were opened by individuals, families, and nonprofit groups. MCF is grateful for the trust placed in us to help them fulfill their charitable goals.

Donor-Advised Funds

Jack Bissinger Fund

Bon Chance Fund

Kelly Ann Brown Foundation

Chui-Shepard Family Fund

Lionel F. Conacher and Joan T. Dea Fund

Cressman Family Fund

Megan and Scott DeGraeve Family Fund

DEW Fund

Ewing Family Fund

Harris Roberts Fund

Heather Johnson Fund

Klein-Donahoe Family Fund

Louise Kelso Goodwin Fund

Kruttschitt Family Fund

Libby Family Fund

Linde-Hays Family Fund

Kevin and Carol Louie

Marshall Family Fund

Napolitano Fund

New Ground Fund

Blanche A. Paul Foundation

Charlie Rae Fund

Reinhart Family Fund

Walker Rezaian Memorial Fund

Irene S. Scully Fund

Sweeney Reiff Fund

Wardell-Smith Family Fund

Lynn Woodward Fund

Supporting Organizations

Peter E. Haas Jr. Family Fund

Pirkle Jones Foundation

Unrestricted Funds

Sara Barnes Trusteeship Fund

Kerry Peirson Trusteeship Fund

Designated Beneficiary Funds

Buck Institute for Research on Aging Fund

James Peirce Award for Academics Excellence Fund

Organization Funds

Legal Aid of Marin-Lockhart Fund

Field of Interest Funds

MCBA Legal Education Scholarship Fund

Committee Advised Funds

Rudi’s Mate: The Mark Rudiger Sailing Family Fund


Supporting Organizations at MCF

In 2011, eight supporting organizations at the Foundation undertook a range of activities. These are charitable institutions that operate under the umbrella of the Marin Community Foundation.

For more information, click on the name of each supporting organization.


10,000 Degrees, the scholarship arm of the Marin Community Foundation, is dedicated to creating educational equity. To carry out its mission, Marin Education Fund provides college access programs, scholarships, and recipient support to students of all ages.

10000 Degrees

Students who receive assistance from 10,000 Degrees are from low- to moderate-income households in Marin County. These students are frequently the first-generation of their family to go to college and are from groups who have been traditionally underrepresented in higher education.

10,000 Degrees sponsors five programs that provide financial assistance: undergraduate scholarships (for studies at colleges and universities), professional and technical training scholarships (for acquiring skills required for employment), child care scholarships (to support parents involved in education, training, or employment), and scholarships established by individuals and organizations addressing a range of educational needs.

10,000 Degrees also provides an array of services to help Marin residents learn about their options and make informed decisions about their educational future. These include financial aid workshops, tours of local colleges, an on-campus introduction to college life, mentoring programs, and a resource library.

Donors support 10,000 Degrees through an annual scholarship campaign and through named, endowed, and donor-advised scholarships.

For more information, visit

Board of Directors

Saul Peña (Chair), Vice President , Dodge & Cox Investment Managers
Graham Brandt (Vice Chair & Treasurer), Vice President, Private Wealth Management Division, Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Jara Dean-Coffey, Founder and Principal, jdcPartnerships
John Boneparth, Consultant
Jeanie Casey (Honorary Board Member), Community Volunteer
Barbara Dalmau, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Bank of Marin
Ruth Dell, Community Volunteer
Sandra Donnell (Honorary Board Member), Community Volunteer and Business Owner
Susan Duvall-Dickson, Chief Operating Officer, Private Ocean Wealth Management
Judy Edgar (Honorary Board Member), Owner, Western Sport Shop, Inc. & Consultant in Philanthropy
Pepe Gonzalez, Principal, Laurel Dell School
Whitney Hoyt, Assistant Principal, San Rafael High School
Linda Jackson, Planner, City of San Rafael
John King (Honorary Board Member), President, HK Ventures
Peter Lee, Community Volunteer
Denise Lucy, Executive Director, Institute for Leadership Studies and Professor of Business & Organizational Studies, Dominican University of California
Chuck Michaels, Vice President, Wealth Management, Goldman Sachs & Co.
Jan Pasha, Principal, Pasha Group
Kurt Rieke, Managing Director, Hall Capital, LLC
John Scarborough (Honorary Board Member), Registered Investment Advisor, Bingham, Osborn & Scarborough
William J. Smith (Honorary Board Member), Realtor, Frank Howard Allen
Wanden Treanor (Ex-Officio & Honorary Board Member), Attorney-at-Law
Giulia Welch, Adjunct Faculty, Department of Business &Leadership, Dominican University of California
Fran White, Former President & CEO, College of Marin

Gifts to 10,000 Degrees: $978,705

Scholarships from 10,000 Degrees: $1,485,958

Detailed information on scholarships made by 10,000 Degrees can be found in the Master List of Grants at the top of this page.


In 2005, the San Francisco-based wealth management firm of Bingham, Osborn & Scarborough opened the Bingham, Osborn & Scarborough Foundation, a supporting organization under the umbrella of MCF that enables BOS clients to open named donor-advised funds.

Bingham, Osborn & Scarborough Foundation

It is a way for the firm's clients to incorporate charitable giving into their financial plans, with the assets they invest in their donor-advised funds managed by the clients' BOS portfolio managers, with whom they already have a relationship.

MCF takes care of all administrative aspects of the funds and makes its expertise in charitable giving available to BOS's clients.

For more information, visit

Board of Directors

Antoinette Chandler, CFP, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
Earl D. (Ed) Osborn, CFP, Bingham, Osborn & Scarborough, LLC & Chair of BOSF
Ted Mitchell, Delagnes, Mitchell & Linder
Norman (Norm) C. Pease, BOSF donor
Thomas Z. Reicher, Cooley Godward Kronish LLP

Donor-Advised Funds at the Bingham, Osborn & Scarborough Foundation

Anonymous Fund (3)

Auerbach Family Fund

Bingham Kearns Charitable Fund

Frederick and Christine Brown Charitable Fund

Marilyn Burns Fund

Jeffrey and Gary Dunker Fund

James and Karen Eaton Fund

Hartog Family Fund

Olivia and Thacher Hurd Fund

Klingbeil Cornett Family Fund

Kosla Family Fund

Parsons Family Fund

Pease Family Fund

Shirley and Robert Sanderson Fund

John and Betsy Scarborough Fund

Seavey Family Fund

Stephen Stublarec and Debra Belaga Family Fund

Daniel Wehmeier and Marian Beard Fund

Gifts to the Bingham, Osborn & Scarborough Foundation: $559,484

Grants from the foundation: $776,622

Detailed information on grants made from the Bingham, Osborn & Scarborough Foundation can be found in the Master List of Grants at the top of this page.


The grantmaking priority of the Fullerton Family Foundation, a supporting organization of the Marin Community Foundation, is in the area of education, primarily for children in grades pre-K-12.

 Fullerton Family Foundation

The Fullerton Family Foundation’s grantmaking priority is in the area of education, primarily for those in grades PreK-12. The foundation’s specific interests support:

  • New or entrepreneurial approaches
  • Scholarships in locations where there are poor public school opportunities for low-income students with high-achiever skills, special talents, or potential
  • Vocational education
  • Bilingualism, especially teaching English-speaking students Spanish so that they may communicate with other children in their community

Board of Directors

John Fullerton, community leader, investment manager (retired)
Jessica Fullerton, community leader, former librarian (retired)
Marjorie Guggenhime, community volunteer (retired)
Karen Rosenbluth, community volunteer
Ann Song-Hill, mediator and facilitator, former school board trustee

Grants from the Fullerton Family Foundation: $1,626,000

Detailed information on grants from the Fullerton Family Foundation can be found in the Master List of Grants at the top of this page.


Peter E. Haas Jr. Family Fund

Board of Directors

Elizabeth Brown
Alexandra Derby
Veronica Reed

Gifts to the Peter E. Haas Jr. Family Fund: $11,119,538

Grants from the fund: $545,850

Detailed information on grants from the Peter E. Haas Jr. Family Fund can be found in the Master List of Grants at the top of this page.


The Pirkle Jones Foundation was established in 2009 as a supporting organization of the Marin Community Foundation as a vehicle to distribute the charitable assets of the estate of renowned Marin photographer Pirkle Jones, who died in 2009.

Pirkle Jones Foundation

Grants from this foundation will support artists and writers.

Board of Directors

Jay Jackson, chair
Alix Derby
Jennifer McFarland
Fred Silverman
Brian Van Weele

Gifts to the Pirkle Jones Foundation: $20,578,164

Grants from the foundation: $28,000

Detailed information on grants from the Pirkle Jones Foundation can be found in the Master List of Grants at the top of this page.


The Kurland Family Foundation was established by Duff and Carol Kurland. The foundation funds programs that benefit a range of issues, including medical research, the environment, education, human needs, and the arts.

 Kurland Family Foundation

Board of Directors

Duff Kurland
Carol Kurland
Harriet Katz
June C. Minami
Diane C. Rosenberger

Gifts to the Kurland Family Foundation: $132,029

Grants from the foundation: $130,925

Detailed information on grants from the Kurland Family Foundation be found in the Master List of Grants at the top of this page.


The Lynx Foundation was established in 2009 as a supporting organization of the Marin Community Foundation by Marin resident Peggy Haas as a way to fund her charitable interests.

Lynx Foundation

Board of Directors

Peggy Haas, chair
Alix Derby
Fred Silverman

Gifts to the Lynx Foundation: $1,640,197

Grants from the foundation: $434,770

Detailed information on grants from the Lynx Foundation can be found in the Master List of Grants at the top of this page.


The Donald B. Tanklage and Carole F. Tanklage Foundation is a newly established supporting organization at the Marin Community Foundation with an interest in funding programs that benefit the communities within San Mateo County.

Donald B. Tanklage and Carole F. Tanklage Foundation

The current grantmaking priorities of the foundation are in the areas of animal protection and welfare, domestic violence and child abuse, education and scholarships, the environment, and one-time emergency services.

Board of Directors

Donald B. Tanklage
Carole F. Tanklage
Lynne Tanklage
Kristin Tanklage Murphy
Mary Jane Burke
Alix Derby
Kathleen Foote
Fred Silverman
Brian Van Weele


Contributors to MCF in 2011

During 2011, MCF and its supporting organizations received $81,282,665 in gifts. To view a list of contributors, click on Contributors to MCF in 2011.

MCF's Investment Committee

MCF's Investment Committee, made up of volunteer professionals in the investment industry, guides the investment strategies of the Foundation.

Committee members are:

  • Richard Hogan, Managing Director, Investments, Merrill Lynch Trust Company
  • Kurt Mobley, Partner, SPO Partners & Co.
  • Christopher J. Podoll, President, ClearLake Advisors LLC (last mtg 9/8/11)
  • Patricia Shepard, Chief Operating Officer, Elan Management LLC
  • Daniel L. Skaff (chair), President, One PacificCoast Bank; Managing Partner, Sienna Ventures
  • Julia W. Sze, CFA, Managing Director, Investments, Wells Fargo Family Wealth
  • Debra L. Wetherby, CEO and Portfolio Manager, Wetherby Asset Management

Consultant to the Investment Committee:

  • Michael Miller, Managing Director, Colonial Consulting

For more information on the Foundation's investment strategy and performance, click here.


Financial Highlights for FY 2011


Contributions Received

Grants Paid




Gifts Received in 2011:

Family & Community Funds

Major Projects

Supporting Organizations

Total Gifts Received





Grants Paid in 2011:
Discretionary Grants

Family & Community Funds

Major Projects

Supporting Organizations

Total Grants Paid








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