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Community Grants

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Areas of support

Through its strategic planning process, MCF identified seven community issues it will support with Community Grants. The Foundation has established goals and strategies for each issue. Detailed information can be found by clicking on the goal areas listed below.



The Marin Community Foundation is currently engaged in a strategic planning process. All our areas have completed grantmaking pursuant to our current five year strategic plan. Please check back in the fall for future grantmaking opportunities.

Arts and Culture

Equity in Legal Protection

Improving Community Health

Integration of Immigrants

Social Justice and Interfaith Understanding

Successful Aging

Stories of Impact

Tapping into Novato's Natural Leaders
In communities around the world, often in developing countries, natural leaders play...

Saving for a Better Future
When Liane Sanchez imagines her future, she focuses on her dream — owning her own...

Your Contact for Community Grants

Vice President for Programs

Sandra Nathan

Vice President for Programs


"My relationship with MCF comes down to trust. My clients count on me, and I refer them to MCF because MCF has earned my trust."

Deborah Breiner
Estate Planning Attorney, San Rafael