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Advisor Resources

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Here are some of the most frequently requested documents for professional advisors and their clients:

An overview of how MCF works with you to serve your clients

Donor-advised fund: a brochure to use with your clients

What To Give: An Overview of Giftable Assets

Donor-advised funds overview

Administrative fees at MCF

MCF Guide to Family Giving

New Fund Worksheet for opening a donor-advised fund

Resource Library: You can find additional materials about charitable giving, including charitable remainder and lead trusts, sample bequest language, wire transfer instructions, and information on other giving vehicles in our Resource Library.

MCF Intersection: This microsite provides a regular snapshot of the trends, news and research in the world of philanthropy — and its impact on business.

Stories of Impact

Steven and Sally Schroeder: Family Giving in Action
The Schroeders are convinced that family philanthropy contributes to a child’s...

From the Resource Library

Your Contact for Advisor Resources

Director of Philanthropic Planning

Brian Van Weele

Director of Philanthropic Planning


"Business and family obligations don't afford me the time to focus on other issues that are important to me, and MCF enables me to support these causes and organizations in a very effective way. My relationship with MCF has proved invaluable."

Leslie Blodgett
CEO, Bare Escentuals and MCF Donor since 2006