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Professional Advisors

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Give your clients a better way to give back.

When you partner with MCF, you gain full access to the philanthropic expertise your clients are looking for. You will always retain complete control of your client relationships, while we act as a partner and resource to help fulfill their financial and charitable goals.

Advisor Services

To help with issues related to charitable giving, MCF does the following:

  • Strategizes and consults with you, your clients, and your colleagues on ways MCF can help meet people's financial and charitable goals, both during their lifetimes and as part of their estate planning.
  • Provides information on giving through MCF, including documents on a variety of fund types, sample documents, and giving strategies. You may wish to share these with your clients.
  • Handles the transfer of appreciated securities and life insurance.
  • Accepts donations of complex charitable assets, such as real estate, art, private C- and S-Corp stock, restricted stock, limited partnership interests, and other privately held assets.
  • Advises about strategies that address the income tax implications of IRAs and other tax-deferred retirement plan assets.
  • Serves as trustee of charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts. We can also help individuals considering these vehicles to arrange for other trust administration services if they prefer to self-trustee or use a private trustee, such as a bank or trust company.


Advisor Resources

In Advisor Resources, you'll find links to articles and documents most frequently requested by advisors, including information on our highly competitive fees.


MCF Intersection

This microsite is for professional advisors and provides a regular snapshot of the trends, news and research in the world of philanthropy — and its impact on business.


Compare Charitable Options

There are many charitable options available to your clients. Find out more about the advantages of MCF's funds.

Go to Comparing Charitable Options.


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn the answers to frequently asked questions about partnering with the Marin Community Foundation.

Stories of Impact

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Your Contacts at MCF

Director of Philanthropic Planning

Brian Van Weele

Director of Philanthropic Planning


Philanthropic Planner

Linda Sweeney

Philanthropic Planner


"My relationship with MCF comes down to trust. My clients count on me, and I refer them to MCF because MCF has earned my trust."

Deborah Breiner
Estate Planning Attorney, San Rafael