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If you want to make a difference, the Marin Community Foundation makes charitable giving as easy, effective, and gratifying as possible. You can work closely with our philanthropic advisors to craft a personalized giving strategy designed to meet your charitable and financial goals.

We also partner with professional advisors—estate attorneys, accountants, financial planners, and others—to help their clients benefit from MCF’s expertise around all aspects of charitable giving.

Giving with Greater Impact Starts Here

If you are exploring your charitable options
, we can help you choose the vehicle that’s right for you, including donor-advised funds, a powerful and flexible way to support the issues and organizations you care about, and other types of funds, including scholarships.

If you’re considering giving back through your estate, MCF offers many options that make it possible for your wishes to be honored after your death.

Professional advisors have the certainty that when they partner with us, their clients will benefit from exemplary customer service and personal attention in all aspects of their charitable giving. Advisors can learn more about what we offer them and their clients.

Donors can contribute a wide variety of assets to a fund at MCF. These assets include closely held stock, appreciated securities, and real estate.

If you want to involve your family in your philanthropy, we offer special programs on family giving—including practical ways to engage your family in learning about community issues and helping others.

When donors partner with MCF, they benefit from a wide range of services, from developing an approach to charitable giving that meets their goals to helping them learn more about the issues and organizations they’re interested in.

We’ve made it easy to compare MCF to other options with an easy-to-read chart that compares donor-advised funds at MCF, donor-advised funds at national financial firms, supporting organizations at MCF, and private foundations.

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Your Contacts for Giving through MCF

Vice President for Philanthropic Services

Alexandra Derby Salkin

Vice President for Philanthropic Services


Director of Philanthropic Planning

Brian Van Weele

Director of Philanthropic Planning


"My relationship with MCF comes down to trust. My clients count on me, and I refer them to MCF because MCF has earned my trust."

Deborah Breiner
Estate Planning Attorney, San Rafael