Resources to learn more about community health and related issues

Resources to learn more about community health and related issues

Bay Area Nutrition and Physical Health Collaborative: A regional collaborative of health-related organizations dedicated to empowering communities to make system and environmental change to support better nutrition, physical activity, and increased access to healthy foods

California Healthline: A daily digest of news, policy, and opinion related to health issues in California and nationwide

Community Clinic Voice: An online community for community health centers and other safety-net health care professionals and partners to network, share information, and exchange ideas

Healthy Eating, Active Communities: Information on how communities can reshape the food and physical activity environment to improve children's health

Healthy Marin: Sponsored by the Marin County Department of Health & Human Services, this site provides local data and resources related to public health and wellness

“Improving Access to Quality, Healthy Food”: A guide prepared by MCF for grantees working to impact public policies related to accessing healthier foods

To download this guide, click on the icon to the right.

Public Health Law and Policy: Provides list of resources on land use, tobacco control, nutrition, public health law, and related topic

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center to Prevent Childhood Obesity:
Works to enable children of all races, ethnicities, and geographic locations to eat healthy, be physically active, and avoid obesity

“The Vital Role of Community Clinics and Health Centers”: A report from the California Primary Care Association discussing the important role of community clinics as medical homes to a significant portion of the state’s population

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