North Bay Fire - Relief Organizations

Oct 17, 2017

The ravaging North Bay fires have been nothing short of devastating. The terror, confusion and loss that our neighbors have experienced is heartrending.

It must also be acknowledged that thousands of people have stepped up in the most meaningful and selfless ways to support their fellow residents. Homes were opened. Pets were rescued. Supplies were donated. And miraculously, countless lives were saved.

But the work of recovery has only just begun. 

With the fires approaching containment, the focus is not only on how immediate needs can best be served, but also on the mid- and long-term issues that each of the communities will face. The effects of this disaster will be felt for years to come. Housing, jobs, mental health services, environmental restoration – these issues and more will need a coordinated and well-funded approach to enable the region to get back on its feet.

So how can help be extended?

The community foundations of Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino continue to be the best direct source of leadership and information in their respective communities. As you’ll see in the attached list of resources, each has established a fund specifically to support fire relief efforts now and in the months to come. 

If you are looking to support organizations that you can be assured are fully vetted and executing essential work in those counties, these community foundations are your most reliable resource. General operating grants into their funds are hugely beneficial at a time like this, so dollars can be prioritized and directed to the community nonprofit organizations most effectively addressing the areas of greatest need.

You may also find it helpful that the attached resource list provides a roster of specific organizations, here in Marin and in the region, that are providing essential services. Please be assured that your MCF philanthropic advisor is available to help sort through any issues or questions you may have.

Our MCF staff is out in the community meeting with county officials and organizational leaders to stay apprised of the rapidly-changing situation.  And we are enhancing our grant support to a number of local organizations addressing issues such as food, housing, child care, legal services and more.

This is a heartbreaking time for our region. But the compassion, heroism, and love that has emerged from this tragedy will keep us going. We are resilient, and we’ll get through this as we always do. 


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