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Discretionary grants from MCF help nonprofits improve lives and strengthen communities in Marin County.

Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives support three critical areas of community need through grants, advocacy efforts, research, and bringing people together to collaborate and share ideas:

Affordable Housing

Increasing the availability of more affordable housing for low-income residents in the County


Improving the academic performance of low-income students and students of color to address the achievement gap in Marin

Ending Cycle of Poverty

Ending the cycle of poverty experienced by poor and low-income families


Community Grants

Community Grants support nonprofits working within nine issue areas in Marin County that MCF has identified.

Arts and Culture

To help underserved Marin residents access, participate in, and learn from high-quality, relevant arts and cultural programs

Equity in Legal Protection

To ensure low-income residents of Marin County have equal opportunities for legal representation and advocacy services

Improving Community Health

To address the health needs of low-income residents and people of color

Integration of Immigrants

To assist recent immigrants in receiving the services they need to become integrated into the community

Social Justice and Interfaith Understanding

To increase community awareness of and involvement in social justice issues through the civic engagement activities of religious organizations and nonprofit community groups

Successful Aging

To support the development of an organized, efficient system serving the County's rapidly growing aging population

Working with MCF

The Foundation provides information to help current and prospective grantees understand our overall goals for our grantmaking, learn about our grantee relations commitments, and keep up to date on what we are doing to improve our working relationships with grantees.


Stinson/Bolinas Community Fund

Local residents founded the Stinson/Bolinas Community Fund to improve the Stinson Beach and Bolinas communities. Funds are awarded twice a year to projects that directly benefit these areas.


Grant Center

The Grant Center enables Marin nonprofits to apply for grants and submit progress reports online.


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Your Contact for Grants

Vice President for Programs

Sandra Nathan

Vice President for Programs


"Our family has grown so much as a result of our relationship with MCF. We've learned about nonprofits, talked about our giving as a family, and involved our business in giving back. Overall, the Foundation has made a big impact on all of us."

George and Janet Pasha
Donors at MCF since 2000