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MCF Advisor Connect is MCF's e-newsletter just for estate attorneys, financial planners, accountants, and others who work with clients on financial and charitable issues. It contains information on legislative updates, tools and resources to help you serve your clients, and case studies related to philanthropy. Sign up below.


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Taking Advantage of the IRA Charitable Rollover The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 included a number of provisions that apply to the use of IRA funds by those 70 ½ and older for charitable support.

A gift that's guaranteed to outlive a fruit cake: a donor-advised fund
Think of a donor-advised fund as the ultimate holiday gift—to one's family and to their community. It's a gift that can last for generations.

Impact Investing: Good for the Investor, Good for the Community: Impact investing offers a new alternative for channeling large-scale private capital for social benefit. And it's needed more then ever, since we live in a world where government resources and charitable donations are insufficient to address the world's social and environmental problems.

The Many Faces of a Donor-Advised Fund: When Kelly Ann Brown died at the age of 44 in 2009, her family and friends quickly rallied to find a way to honor her spirit, compassion for others, and diverse interests. They considered many philanthropic vehicles and decided that a donor-advised fund at the Marin Community Foundation would meet several "musts" they had on their list of needs.

Women Are Changing the Face of Philanthropy. Are You Ready? Women give more, and differently, than men. You can help your women clients make the impact and connections they seek when they give back.

Is it time for your clients to consider an alternative to their private foundations? More and more people are opening donor-advised funds—they’re an easier, less expensive, and flexible way to make a difference

Selling a Business, Making a Difference When it's time to sell a business, MCF may be able to help your clients save thousands of dollars in taxes and also fulfill their charitable goals.

Eight Conversation Starters for Talking About Philanthropy with Your Clients There are times when your clients might be open, and willing, to talk about their charitable giving. Here’s what to listen for.

Gifts of Income Property: An End to Headaches There are several situations that make gifts of property a great solution—for example, when appreciated property is donated to charity, including to a charitable remainder trust, it avoids all capital gains tax.

Closely Held Stock: A Powerful Asset For example, by making a gift of closely held stock that coincides with liquidations and takeovers, business owners can save enormous sums while supporting the charitable organizations they care about.

Are your clients thinking about U.S. Savings Bonds? Savings bonds are very efficient sources of charitable gifts as part of someone’s estate. Learn the ins and outs.

Stories of Impact

Steven and Sally Schroeder: Family Giving in Action
The Schroeders are convinced that family philanthropy contributes to a child’s...

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"MCF has helped me identify ways I can share my financial knowledge to help people succeed. My philanthropic advisor at MCF introduced me to people and organizations involved in this work, and now I am learning how to give and volunteer in a meaningful way."

Gatian Cunningham
Financial Planner, Mill Valley