The Objective

Cultivate leadership in low-income communities of color and their allies through culturally-appropriate training about climate change, environmental equity, and other environmental issues of concern.

The Issue

The need to increase diversity within the environmental movement is relevant at both the national and local levels. More and more people are recognizing the value of this shift, and yet it remains an elusive goal. It is an issue that it is deeply rooted in different and often opposing beliefs, experiences, and histories, both societal and personal. Climate change presents a particular challenge given its scientific complexity and the political divisions it provokes. And yet, there is hope: a healthy environment offers common ground on which to build new or stronger bridges within and across communities.

Our Approach

We will support leadership development for existing and emerging leaders of historically marginalized communities, with a specific focus on advocating for equitable and effective solutions to environmental issues. We will also work to strengthen partnerships between these communities and others, including government representatives and mainstream environmental organizations, to ensure positive action is taken that benefits both the environment and impacted residents of Marin.


This strategy is currently on hold. Please contact Patti D’Angelo Juachon to be added to the mailing list for updates on this strategy when available.

For questions regarding this initiative, please contact

Patti D’Angelo Juachon

Director for the Environment

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