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Marin City CDC: Strengthening the Community

Steven and Sally Schroeder

In May 2011, the MCF Loan Fund provided a $1,175,000 loan to Marin City Community Development Corporation (MCCDC) for the purchase of a multi-tenant resource center in Marin City. MCCDC’s previous facility, which they were renting, was cramped and unable to accommodate the organization’s rapid program expansion. The MCF loan helped finance the acquisition of the Livermore Estate, an important community asset and historic site. This increased MCCDC’s usable space to 4,300 square feet, located on four acres of land surrounded by woods. The new property allows the organization to implement its vision of increasing the economic self-sufficiency for residents of Marin City and beyond.

MCCDC provides opportunities for economic growth by offering job skills training, career advancement, and microenterprise support, along with employment services in several industries, including green energy, facilities maintenance, and landscaping. Skills training is taking place on-site in such areas as green energy and native/edible garden landscaping.

"The more I work with the MCF, the more impressed I am by the Foundation's professionalism, commitment to mission, and dedication to donor charitable intentions. MCF is an exceptional resource to our charitable community and provides much needed stewardship of donor assets. I am always very pleased to be able to refer clients to them."

Julia Sze,
CFA, Senior Investment Strategist,
Wells Fargo Family Wealth Group,
Member of MCF's Investment Committee,
and a Donor since 2006