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Strategic Initiatives

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Area of Support:

Under its Strategic Plan, the Foundation is focusing on three critical areas of community need. Besides making grants, MCF will address these issues through research, education, advocacy efforts, and bringing people together to collaborate and share ideas.

The three areas are:


Improving the academic performance of low-income students and students of color to address the achievement gap in Marin and ensure success in college or other post-secondary education options

Affordable Housing

Increasing the availability of affordable housing for individuals and families and ensure that residents receive the services they need to remain affordably housed


Ending the cycle of poverty experienced by poor and low-income individuals and families



The Marin Community Foundation is currently engaged in a strategic planning process. All our areas have completed grantmaking pursuant to our current five year strategic plan. Please check back in the fall for future grantmaking opportunities.

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Your Contact for Strategic Initiatives

Vice President for Programs

Sandra Nathan

Vice President for Programs


"My relationship with MCF comes down to trust. My clients count on me, and I refer them to MCF because MCF has earned my trust."

Deborah Breiner
Estate Planning Attorney, San Rafael