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Other Types of Funds

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Besides donor-advised funds, MCF offers a variety of funds designed to help you meet your goals for your giving.

Scholarship Funds

Scholarship funds allow you to give the gift of education. Using an objective set of criteria, a committee selects individuals who receive scholarship support. Members of the committee do not have to be donors to the fund, but all members have an equal voice in selecting grant recipients. Donors with an interest in providing scholarships can choose to support the general scholarship programs of 10,000 Degrees, the scholarship arm of MCF.

Learn more by downloading this information sheet.

Current Scholarship Funds at MCF


Supporting Organizations

A supporting organization is an efficient substitute for private or family foundations. It is a separate nonprofit corporation that operates under MCF's charitable umbrella. Through its own board, a supporting organization determines its own investment strategy and grant priorities. As with all our funds, MCF takes care of all administrative tasks.

Supporting organizations can be opened by individuals, families, or financial institutions.

Learn more by downloading this information sheet.

Current Supporting Organizations at MCF


Organization Funds

Organization Funds are established by nonprofits as part of their overall fundraising strategy. If a group you're interested in supporting has established an organization fund with MCF, it's easy to make a contribution.
By doing so you'll provide both short- and long-term support to a cause in need.

For organizations that establish this type of fund, there are several benefits. These include:

  • MCF can accept donations of almost any asset, including stock and property.
  • The fund may be established as an endowment (ensuring that grants are made in perpetuity) or as an expendable fund (which enables your organization to make grants of any size at any time).
  • MCF handles the investment of funds, reporting to the IRS, and all other administrative details.
  • There is a low annual fee of 0.5%, with a minimum of $500.00.

Learn more by downloading this information sheet.

Current Organization Funds at MCF


Designated Beneficiary Funds

You can help any charitable group of your choosing with a designated beneficiary fund. This fund can be established to ensure the organization will receive your support over a long period of time, or forever.

Learn more by downloading this information sheet.

Current Designated Beneficiary Funds at MCF


Field of Interest Funds

Field-of-interest funds support organizations that address specific issues. You can decide which area(s) you want to support, and, should you need help, MCF’s philanthropic advisors will recommend suitable grant recipients for your approval. Or, you can recommend grants to specific groups working in the identified area(s) of interest. Grants from this kind of fund can support organizations in Marin or elsewhere.

Current Field of Interest Funds at MCF


Committee-Advised Funds

These are funds established by one or more donors whose grants are recommended by a committee. The members of the committee do not have to be donors to the fund. However, all members of the committee have an equal voice in selecting grant recipients.

Current Committee-Advised Funds at MCF


Unrestricted Funds

You can address ever-changing community needs with an unrestricted fund. Donors can support community priorities that have been identified by the Trustees of MCF and are supported through the MCF's discretionary grant program. This gives you the opportunity to benefit from our staff's knowledge of emerging community needs and the groups working on them, now and in the future.

Current Unrestricted Funds at MCF


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Your Contact for Other Types of Funds

Vice President for Philanthropic Services

Alexandra Derby Salkin

Vice President for Philanthropic Services


"The Marin Community Foundation has been a great help to us in starting our family foundation, assessing possible grant recipients, and managing the administrative aspects. We give it our highest recommendation."

Steve and Sally Schroeder
Schroeder Family Fund,
Donors at MCF since 2007