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Family Giving

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The Marin Community Foundation can help you involve your family in your charitable giving—making a difference together in the world, passing on your values to the next generation, and bringing your family a little closer together.

Make a Difference as a Family in the Lives of Others

Here are some of the ways your philanthropic advisor at MCF can help you and your family make a difference in the lives of others:

  • We can meet with your family to explore your interests and concerns, as a family and as individual family members.
  • We can take you and your family on site visits to learn first-hand about community needs and the organizations addressing them.
  • We can identify volunteer opportunities that involve children of all ages.
  • We can help you involve your children in making grants from your fund at MCF, including having them serve as successor advisors to your fund.
  • We can help you explore issues of inheritance—so you can act on your desire to instill self-sufficiency in your children and fulfill your goals for leaving a charitable legacy.
  • And we can help you and your family discuss issues related to the responsibilities and opportunities of wealth.

To learn more about family giving—including ways to involve children of all ages in giving back—download a copy of the MCF Guide to Family Giving.

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From the Resource Library

Your Contact for Family Giving

Director of Philanthropic Advisory Services

Megan DeGraeve

Director of Philanthropic Advisory Services


"MCF's donor-advised fund platform has made our charitable gifting more efficient and virtually effortless. And the GuideStar database makes investigating our gifting options comprehensive."

Bruce Raabe
Raabe Family Fund,
Donor at MCF since 2007