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Giving through MCF

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Charitable giving is a powerful way to change the world, whether you support your local food bank or protect rainforests in Brazil. When you want to make a difference, the Marin Community Foundation gives you easier and more effective ways to do it.

The Benefits of Partnering with MCF

At MCF, you benefit from:

Greater impact: We work with you to develop an approach to your giving that reflects your personal values, interests, and concerns. And you can benefit from our extensive knowledge of community needs and the organizations addressing them, in Marin and elsewhere.

A personalized approach: We understand that giving back is a highly personal investment in the issues and organizations that matter to you, and our philanthropic advisors will provide whatever level of guidance you seek to achieve your goals. We offer a variety of charitable funds to give now, through your estate, or both. We can help you engage your family in charitable giving. And we can work with you and your attorney, accountant, financial planner, or other advisors to ensure your charitable activities support your financial goals.

Financially smart solutions: You receive the most advantageous tax benefits available for charitable giving. We offer highly competitive administrative fees—the annual fee is 0.5% of your fund balance, with a minimum of $500. There is no minimum amount to open a fund, and no start-up costs. You benefit from the expertise and strong track record of MCF’s Investment Committee, made up of highly seasoned professionals. And you can contribute a variety of assets to your fund.

The ability to focus on your giving: You can focus on making a difference. We take care of everything else, including doing research on issues and organizations, doing due diligence, and reporting to the IRS. You can easily track your fund, make grant recommendations, and learn more about community needs through MCF's Giving Center, a secure, online website just for MCF donors.


Want to chat with someone at MCF?

We’d be happy to speak with you, in person or by phone, to answer your questions about how we might be able to help you with your charitable giving. Just provide the information below.

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Your Contacts for Giving through MCF

Vice President for Philanthropic Services

Alexandra Derby Salkin

Vice President for Philanthropic Services


Director of Philanthropic Planning

Brian Van Weele

Director of Philanthropic Planning


"My relationship with MCF comes down to trust. My clients count on me, and I refer them to MCF because MCF has earned my trust."

Deborah Breiner
Estate Planning Attorney, San Rafael