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Structure of the Marin Community Foundation

About MCF › Structure of the Marin Community Foundation

The Marin Community Foundation has several components within its corporate structure. These are described below.

Grants and Loans

The Foundation, with funding from the Leonard and Beryl H. Buck Trust, makes discretionary grants to nonprofit organizations and schools in Marin County under its 2010-2014 Strategic Plan.

In addition to making grants, the Foundation makes low-interest loans to Marin nonprofits through the MCF Loan Fund.


Major Projects

The Foundation provides ongoing annual support to the three "major projects" of the Buck Trust: The Buck Institute for Research on Aging is the first independent research facility in the country focused solely on aging and age-related disease.

The Buck Institute for Education is a research and development organization dedicated to improving the practice of teaching and the process of learning.

Alcohol Justice fights to protect the public from the impact of the alcohol industry's negative practices.


Family and Community Funds

The Foundation is home to more than 350 charitable funds established by individuals, families, nonprofit groups, and businesses. These Family and Community Funds consist of donor-advised funds, scholarship funds, unrestricted funds, and others. Grants from these funds support charitable activities in Marin, elsewhere in the U.S., and around the world.


Supporting Organizations

MCF also hosts several supporting organizations, which are charitable entities that operate under the umbrella of the Foundation's public charity status. Supporting organizations have been established by families as well as by financial institutions that offer donor-advised funds to their clients through these vehicles.

The Foundation also has one programmatic supporting organization, 10,000 Degrees (formerly Marin Education Fund), which is the scholarship arm of MCF.


MCF Property Holdings

Finally, the Foundation has a separate entity, MCF Property Holdings, which manages buildings owned by the Foundation in Marin that are rented to local nonprofit groups. It also manages meeting spaces that can be used free of charge by Marin County nonprofit organizations.

Stories of Impact

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"Business and family obligations don't afford me the time to focus on other issues that are important to me, and MCF enables me to support these causes and organizations in a very effective way. My relationship with MCF has proved invaluable."

Leslie Blodgett
CEO, Bare Escentuals and MCF Donor since 2006